Thursday, March 27, 2008

Short and Sweet

Tim and I hit The Woodlot for a night ride. I was on my Banshee Rune and Tim on his Norco Six. In the parking area it was dry, but once we climbed past Quick Hit and were in the trees, we realised the snow was going to be UGLY. It was wet and slushy, so we decided to stay low on the hill and ride from Snakes and Ladders down.

At the top of Snakes we got off our bikes and went for a walk on the trail to see some areas that need attention from a maintenance perspective. After our walk in the snow, we ripped down the trail. I had brought an extra light tonight for Tim which he reluctantly tried.......and now he wants to make up his own 50w light for his helmet.

Snakes was a hoot and fortunately for us, the further we went down the trail, the less snow there was. We then went over to Shotgun and ripped a new one down the trail.

The ride was short but ever so sweet in the darkness of The Woodlot.

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