Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Chance Encounter

I got out of work on time today, did a few errands and was able to sneak in a quick ride on Thorn with my dog.

On the climb I looked back to see two riders pedaling up so I slowed down to see who it was and possibly ride with someone new.  It's not always that you see people out riding at 4pm on these trails.  It turned out to be Nat that I met earlier in the year and another gentleman that I've run into a few time on the trails.  I made sure Tilly was behaved and not chewing on them and we decided to ride Trail Dweller, the new trail that 'Heads Up' and finally OSR.

I was on my Trance today because I have the suspension on my Rune getting the once over.  I was only in cruise mode when riding, but I nearly rode my fastest ever down a trail or two today....weird.

It was a nice quick ride and great to do a quick lap with new people.