Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trail Buffing with Zach

Today I met up with Zach who contacted me to see if he could help out with some maintenance at The Woodlot. His timing could not have been better. Recently all the trees have lost their summer and fall coats and the trails are littered with needles and leaves plugging drains and blanketing the trails. With rakes and shovels in hand we started at the bottom of Snakes and Ladders and cleared all the drains and raked the trail from top to bottom.

Zach was an absolute trooper with the rake and for about 5 hours he raked his way up the trail cleaning up the line and buffing it up for the winter season.

At this point because of the over the top effort that Zach put in with me, I don't think I will need to touch this trail again for months to come.

After finishing the buffing we enjoyed the buff fruits of our labor and rode down Snakes and then over to Shotgun.

Thanks Zach for the help and I hope you continue to help with the trails.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Belated Remembrance Day Ride

This year I had to delay my annual Remembrance Day ride by a few days. I always pay my respect to veterans and on Remembrance Day I go for a spin on my bike to honor their sacrifices. It had recently snowed a little on the mountains but for the most part it didn't stop my progress and very few trees needed to be removed off the trails.

I rode up to Goldmine/Cabin Trail and then ripped down to Snakes and Ladders and finally out to my car along Shotgun.

It was a little wet and chilly today but with the right clothes and a few pairs of dry gloves the ride was very enjoyable.

Nothing quite like fresh tracks in the snow.