Thursday, January 05, 2006

Lantern Light

Tonight's ride was the first ride in 2006. The plan for Tim and I was to pedal up to Snakes and Ladders and build for a few hours in the dark and then ride down Snakes and Ladders then finish our ride on Shotgun.

I arrived at the Woodlot at around 6pm and Tim was there in his new (new to him) 1967 VW Transporter quad cab truck. He was at the rear of the truck fiddling with the engine as all VW owners do at some point. We unloaded our bikes put on our rain gear and headed up the hill. To illuminate the trail I was sporting my XC helmet with my HID light which worked really well. I also brought a propane lantern that we plan on leaving on the trail for night building.

Onward and upward we went to Snakes and Ladders to work on the first 40 feet of the trail to stop the erosion that was taking place from traffic and rain. Once we had the lantern set up it was pretty cool working on the trail in the dark. My HID on the head helped me see with zero issues and the lantern lit up the whole section we were working on.

After building the two of us boarded our bikes and rode our trail with a great vibe after our first night build. I have a feeling we are going to be doing this more and more.

After Snakes it was Shotgun out to the car. A great night overall.