Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jamieson in the Loops

For the third year in a row our family spent the Victoria Day long weekend in Kamloops. It's a weekend of play where the wives have a girls day, the guys have a boys day and all the children run wild.

The girls had their spa day on Saturday and on Sunday it was all about the boys. We went golfing in the morning then biking in the afternoon. Rob decided it was time to show me what Jamieson is all about.

Jamieson is a shuttle ride way out of town, which ensures that the trail stays in great shape. There had been some rain over the past few days resulting in minimal dust, traction galore on the twist bits and super steeps where you just hang on and surf your way down.

We both ended the ride with high fives and big smiles on our faces.

Jamieson is a whole lotta fun!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Alco Entrance

After living in the area my whole life, I decided it was time to do some real exploring of the trails in my area. I has a close look on a few maps and realized I can ride from my house and cross Allouette River a few minutes from my place to gain access to Golden Ears Park.

After the river crossing I pedaled into the park along some single track and then made my way back home crossing the river at a different point. This may turn into a very cool way to ride from my front door into the single track trails of Golden Ears Park.