Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday pedal to Arduum

My 'biking' day started really early today.

I first had a 9am FVMBA meeting in Chilliwack more than an hours drive from my home regarding the trails of the Fraser Valley. After an hour or so all the business was taken care of and I was on my way back home for a ride.

I decided to hit a trail I have never ridden before: Arduum. Last year this new trail was cut on Red mountain in Mission and a DH race (Arduum Challenge) was hosted by the builders. Today I thought I would see what all the hubbub is about.

The climb to the trail head is a nice open fire road climb which gave a good warm up for the steep descent the trail offered.

The picture below shows the wicked view from atop the start platform at the beginning of Arduum. I'd love to see this on a sunny day or at sunrise.

The view atop Arduum

My steed for the day was my Rune. I haven't ridden any of my other bikes since I built the Rune and it was the perfect bike for my ride today.

Arduum is steep in sections and has lots of off camber exposed root traverses and tight corners, with a few rock gardens to keep you honest. Modulation is the name of the game on this trail. I had a freaking blast riding this trail. I had been warned ahead of time by others to look out for signs that warn of drops and gaps, which I heeded on my virgin run, but I can't wait to come back and session a few sections.

The trail is amazing considering the time the builders have been on it. My hats off to their effort.

I cannot wait to come back and ride this trail again really soon.

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