Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cabin Trail: etymology

I hit the Woodlot this morning at 6:45am. It was raining lightly and for the first time in at least 4 months I was on a different bike than my Rune. I was on my hard tail for once.

A little hard tail action: Cove Stiffee

I had planned on riding The Shore today, but given the rain, I figured I would just be getting soaked on the climb and I kinda wanted to do a touch of work on the trails.

The climb on the HT was not what I am used to, in fact it was harder to climb on the HT than the Rune. It may very well be another 4 months before I ride the HT again because the Rune just feels so much better.

I climbed to Snakes and Ladder, parked my bike and then cleared a few fallen trees up on Tsuga.

Cleared trees

With the trail clear, I continued up to Cabin trail to see what the snow conditions were like. At the power-lines, all was clear but looking up the hill at the next power tower I could see traces of snow in the trees, so I knew what to expect.

About 1/2 way up Cabin Trail there were traces of snow that gradually increase and a once near the top it was clear that this trail will not be accessible from top for several months. There is at least 3 feet of snow on the road at the top and given the somewhat mild spring we are having, I don't see the snow disappearing any time soon. On the way up I managed clear the trail of all the fallen trees on the line.

Over 3 feet of snow at the trail head of Cabin Trail

I also stopped at the Cabin just off the trail to have a little look. It's funny, most people don't really know why it is called Cabin Trail.

A cabin located a stones throw off the trail from back in the gold mining days

After riding down Cabin Trail, I hit Snakes and Ladders where I ran into the Maple Ridge Cycle biking club group ride that was out for their first ride of the season. It was nice to see the younger riders out ripping on the trails.

I then hit Shotgun which ripped and then I was out at my truck. It seems the masses are now feeling the urge to ride because I counted 26 vehicles in the parking area. Tis the season to be seeking the good times the trails offer.

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