Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Surprises

Sunrise at The Woodlot.

I just had to pause and take a picture on the way up at QuickHit where I also did a little work today.

Riding the steep ladder on QuickHit

After some building I rode QuickHit then made my way higher up the hill. My first lap took me down Stove Top and then over to Heckyl and Jeckyl. This was the first time ever riding down Stove Top and overall it is a fun little rip that flows well.

Heckyl and Jeckyl was alright for me today, but I avoided all the big jumps as I was riding alone and just didn't feel the mojo needed for the big stuff but the turns and woodwork were enough for me today.

I then made my way up for my second lap that started the descent at Tsuga. A few days earlier there had been a rather sudden hail storm in the area and it left several inches of wet snow and anything above Tusga would have been a nasty hike to get to. Judging by my tire tracks, I was the first person down Tsuga in the snow which made for a wild ride on a particular bridge that I drifted sideways across.

At the bottom of Tsuga where you make your way over to Snakes and Ladders, there was a tree down which I hope to remove the next time I am there with the saw. Snakes and Ladders was a total hoot. I met two guys on big bikes at the trail head that I chatted with for a bit then took off ahead of them. The busy riding season is close at hand and it is nice to see people out on the trails.

Over to Shotgun I went where I met up with Dave, Kenny and Jon and talked for a bit and I then departed down Shotgun with a loaded pack of heavy tools on my back.

Great ride, wicked weather and surprising amount of trail work done.

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