Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bear DH Course Pre-Runs (Follow Cam)

I tested out my Follow-Cam again today on Bear Mountain. It's much rougher than Rio and has a few more jumps and trees to avoid. I figure a DH race course littered with jumps is a good test for durability and stability. From this ride I have determined the changes that need to be made for improved stability and ease of use.

I ran into Darryl and Todd K. doing some work on the trail in preparation for the race next weekend. The DH course is dialed which should make for a really good race.

I also ran into Todd E. and Dave one course where they has a laugh at my camera set-up but were rather impressed when they saw the footage. Todd E. was also nice enough to give me a shuttle ride up to the top for a second run of the course. I had such a wicked ride today and look forward to the race next weekend.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Woodlot Rip with the Timster

Tim and I met at The Woodlot for a really quick rip and to work a little on the upper wood section on Karpenter.

I was on my Rune climbing up the skidder when I looked back to see Cory on his way up as well. We basically hooked up for the remainder of the climb and he departed once we were at the top.

When Timmy and I met up we chatted for a bit a bout the new section he was working on and then we got to work moving a few logs around. After a bit of work we hit the trails down and took the fastest line straight down. Karpenter, Upper and Lower Toadstool, Bloggy Style and Shotgun.

At the cars I had a few beers waiting for us.

It's far too long between our rides, but when we are able to meet up it's always good times.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Arduum practice

I am racing Arduum this coming weekend so I figured it would be wise to get some time on the trail to get sections dialed and scope out my lines. The weather today was wet with light rain which is also forecasted for the weekend so today was the ideal time to get in my sessioning practice.

I pushed up the trail at a nice pace so as to see any changes that were made to the course since I last rode it. There were a few but nothing too drastic. The lower half of the course below the rock drop is super buff and lined with ripping berms and gold dirt. Above the rock drop the course is much more rooty and has snotty dark organic dirt. Overall the course is dialed and should make for a very entertaining ride not only as a participant, but also as a spectator.

The upper section will likely determine who has the fastest times come race day. It's the nastiest section and is super slick in the wet. The lower section will still be slippy, but it should still be business as usual due to the gold soil and rocks you ride on. Near the bottom of the course I dialed in my line for the huge hip and the final tree gap. I think all I need to do is put a new tire on my rear wheel for a little added grip.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Guiding Girls in Golden Ears

Today I showed some ladies around some of the trails in Golden Ears Park near Mike Lake. The plan was to pedal up the fire access road to the lookout and then descend down the Shortcut trail and Eric Dunning. However running short on time and overcast weather made it necessary to change the original plans.

Stephanie, Jennifer, Stacey and I made our up to Mike Lake and along the UBC Research forest road to ascend the first part of the ride. The pace was easy and the conversations were interesting which helps on a long climb. After a couple stops for snacks and what not, we were at a point in the ride where a decision needed to be made about the route. Long and easy or short and painful.........I chose the latter. Our route took us straight up a steep rooty trail and proved to be a little difficult at times for my companions and I helped at times by carrying a bike and a pack on my shoulders while pushing my own bike. I figured I had got us into this mess so it was my responsibility to get us out. The overcast skies had eliminated the possibility of a view of the lake so once at the top we paused for some food and water and then blasted down the fire road.

Even with a few tumbles and very tired bodies everyone seemed to have a good time. Once at the Eric Dunning trail my companions were tired but still loved the descent.

One thing I can say is that it is certainly different riding with ladies. The lack of testosterone makes for a much more laid back and enjoyable ride.

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Anthem Demo

I took up a offer to demo ride an XC bike today. I strolled into Local Ride and chatted with Barry (the shop owner) and walked out with a Giant Anthem X1. Once I was home with this shiny red bike I slapped my clipless pedals and seat on it and adjusted the suspension to my liking.

I decided to hit up the trails in Golden Ears Park to see how this XC machine performs. I figured the Eric Dunning trail would be a good test of it's climbing ability and man was I ever impressed. This bike hooked up in spots that I would not even consider in the past. Given that it is Giant's top end XC bike one should expect that it would climb well, but it was shockingly good.

Once at the fire access road I ripped along to check out the access of the road at a few different spots and then it was time to test out how well the bike descended. To say I was surprised would be a massive understatement. I have never been more impressed by a bike after one ride than I was riding this Anthem X. Considering how little front and rear travel the bike has and the XC aggressive 71 degreee head angle the bike the Anthem descend far better than I expected and was a trail shredding machine. After riding the kinds of bikes I've had over the past 8 years, calling a 4" bike plush is something I never thought I would say. When it came time to hand back this bike it was a very hard thing to do and I am seriously considering adding this bike to my quiver by dropping one of my existing rides.