Wednesday, March 12, 2008

6 Years

It has been 6 years. 6 years since I lost my brother to a car accident. Since that day I have made a conscious effort to get out for a ride and remember my brother for what he was; a thrill seeker with a passion for having fun with his friends. Mountain biking is my passion and I use it as my expression to pay tribute to my brother every year on this date.


Tim and I managed to hook up tonight for a night ride. He picked me up and off to The Woodlot we went. He was especially stoked for this ride because he had just spent the afternoon tuning his bike and installing some new parts.

With little light to guide us, we climbed up to Karpenter in the darkness of the night. We rolled down this classic trail making our way to Blood Donor. At Donor Tim went ahead hitting almost everything in sight. I wasn't feeling the mojo so I rode most stunts but not everything. I learned a while back to listen to the inner knows best.

We then rolled down the logging road down to Snakes and Ladders. The road is different in the dark, I had no idea where I was. At Snakes we ripped the trail like 2 kids in a candy store. The final section of the trail is holding up well, but due to the tight nature of the line, some of the trees that line the trail are showing signs of people hitting them with their bars. I have a few ideas in mind to 'protect' the trees.

At the bottom of Snakes I discovered that I was having some issues with loose spokes; so I took it mellow, as we descended down Shotgun, as to avoid a mechanical disaster.

At Tim's vehicle we chilled for a bit, enjoyed a beer and headed home with thoughts of our ride playing in our head.

March 12 is a day where I try to make every second count as you never know when it can all be taken away from you.

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