Thursday, October 16, 2008

Loam soaked ride

So tonight I hit Burke Mountain again with Dave, Bryan, Steve, Denise, Greg, Tyler Gorz, and his buddy. To say it was raining is an understatement. We had a full crew out tonight and I ended up lending out some of my lights to Tyler and his buddy.

We made our way up to Vic's and began our descent into the aqua soaked forest. I have never ridden Vic's before so I was in for a treat. Riding this trail in the dark had me on my toes for sure as it is an old school nasty trail that would be a wicked ride in dry daylight, but in the dark and wet it was somewhat scary at times.

We then rode Lower Vic's which was just as nasty and put us next to the Coquitlam river at one point. The guys that ride here regularly say they have never seen the river raging so big as they did tonight. It was insane.

So we then made our way over to a yet un-named trail that Tyler is building which was a wicked loamy line that swooped back and forth down the hill.

The last trail for the night was Hustler. This is a trail I could ride over and over. It's tight and fast and makes you work to keep speed. If you can rail a turn, you will love this trail.

So we finished at the cars and everyone was soaked to the bone. We all basically loaded our bikes and drove home as quickly as we could to get out of the downpour.

Another wicked night ride and a few more to add to the list of trails I've ridden.

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