Thursday, October 09, 2008

Burke Loamfest - Night Ride

Night riding with a group of people that are experienced in riding at night is simply a blast.

From the ride up the hill to hiding just off the trail and scaring your riding buddies to having new odd sexual practices explained to you.....coupling!?!?!?!!!! wtf!!! All I can say is that night riding is a hoot.

The riders tonight were Dave, Connor, Mark, Steve and myself. Between all of us there there 4 HID's, 3 LED's and one halogen to light the way.

Every trail was new to me on this ride. Riding a new trail at night is such a blast and definitely keeps you on your toes. The trails were Dawg, Slayer and Hustler (pure loamy goodness).

After the ride, we did a little light comparison photo shoot to see what the differences are between the different bike lights on hand tonight.

In the end, it was the Loamburner that won the light fest shootout.

Loamburner Mk I Prototype

As a disclaimer absolutely no coupling of any sort took place during this night ride at all.

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