Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hoots build and decimation

This morning Tim, Brody and I met at The Woodlot to do some work on a feature on Hoots. We made our way up to fix the last little ladder drop on the trail. It is a simple drop that has been on the trail since the beginning of time and ha seen much better days.

Our goal was to remove the old broken ladder and replace it with a new ladder that will last many more years. In speaking with many riders that have been on Hoots, this little drop is one of first they ever hit because it is small and has low consequences.

Old ladder before removal and replacement

After the ladder was removed, we installed the poles and nailed the rung in place to make the new drop better than ever and solid enough to handle many more years of riders.

The new ladder drop


A couple days later I went up to the trail to see how things were and to my shock and disbelief, the ladder feature was removed for what seems like political reasons. The behavior of some selfish people is absolutely beyond my comprehension.

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