Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blue Mountain Epic

So this morning I decided to go for a ride in an area I used to ride in 15 years ago. I got on my Rune and pedaled all the way up the logging road and access roads on Blue Mountain in Maple Ridge. If make all the right turns and get to the top, you are rewarded with a spectacular view of the Golden Ears, Allouette Lake and a good portion of the Fraser Valley/Lower Mainland.

Unfortunately though for me today the weather did not cooperate. It started our clear and I managed to get a shot about 45 min into the ride.

On the way to the top of Blue Mountain

But as I made my way to the top, the clouds rolled in and there wasn't any view to be had.

The ride up is not very nice as half of it is a push on loose rock and boulders, but the rest is a nice fire road climb. The descent is a blast, but nothing really all that special. Really it is all for the view.

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It is now late in the season for this ride. I hope I'm able to make it up there one more time before the snow, but I think I may be waiting for the spring thaw to give it a go again.

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