Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bad Karma?

Today I decided to go for a good rip. I didn't have a lot of time for my ride, but I had enough for a top to bottom ride and a little extra time to do some building.

I was on my Rune and made my way up to Krazy Karpenter where I geared up and started my ride. Timmy has been hard at work. On the first big log ride Tim has fixed the super sketchy ramp that joins two parts of a massive log ride. His work has now given that feature new life and should be around for a long, long time. The rest of Karpenter is eventually going to be fixed but for now, this is as far as one days work has gone. So my ride on the log was not without incident though. This big log doesn't get ridden by many people that ride the trail. It is a good 5 feet in the air and is often slick as snot so for those that ride it, there isn't really a great worn traction path on the log. I hit a snotty patch and took a trip through the air and landed 10 feet from my bike which was hanging upside down on a tree branch. It's been a while since I took a spill off this log, and this one was pretty damn funny.

So I got back on my bike and rode the rest of Karpenter down and over to Blood Donor. Donor had seen a trail day the day before. A big thanks to Greg, Denise and the Experience Cycling riding club!!, so the dirt on the lower half of the trail was MINT!!. I did at one point hit a soft spot in the dirt and took my second spill of the day, but overall I had a wicked rip down Blood Donor.

Blood Donor

So then Giant Killer was next on the list of trails for the day. This trail is a hoot and flows quite well. The trail days earlier in the year have helped with some trouble spots so for the most part it was a blast to ride.

I then raised the seat on my bike and rode over to Snakes and Ladders. I've ridden my trail likely hundreds of times so ripping it is a no brainer. I always have fun on Snakes, but karma must have been catching up with me today because I had a flat half way down the trail. I was running tubeless Maxxis Minion 2.35 kevlar tires and I put a good cut in the sidewall of my rear tire. GRRRRR!!!. So fixing a flat and picking my butt off the mat twice today I had eaten up some of my extra ride time that I had intended on using for trail work. In other words no building for me today. I think karma wants me to get working on the trails.

So after fixing my flat and riding out the rest of the trail, I made y way over to Shotgun and out my car.

Two wipe outs and one flat still equals one happy rider.

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