Sunday, April 13, 2008

Training on The Shore

Training. It is a short word that can mean a lot in life. Training can save your life, training can make a pastime easier, training can help you achieve results in a competition that you might otherwise not be able to achieve, training quite simply will make you better.

Today's ride involved some training. I have entered a race that takes place later in June of this year; the Test of Metal a 67km XC race in Squamish. 4 years ago I entered the race without any training at all and I paid for it big time. I couldn't walk for a week afterwards without wincing. This year I hope to be a little more prepared for the race.

Today's training ride was on Seymour. Straight up Old Buck to the road then up the road to Corkscrew and a few other trails and then back up for another lap. Things went good. My bike felt fantastic, and I felt pretty good physically. I was admittedly slow, but I felt good and had fun on the way down.

So the first lap was to the top and then down Corkscrew, Salvation, Pingu, Team Pangor, Slash and Empress. Corkscrew was sweet and riding the wood on a mid size bike absolutely rocks. Salvation was a great choice for me today. All the logs were dry and the trail was running well. I stopped briefly to catch a little action on the camera and continued on down.

At Pingu I railed the top of the trail and on one of the blind jumps, I sent it....right into a big nasty rock in the 'landing zone' new pedals aren't looking so new anymore with a few pins missing now. Team Pangor was a hoot as well as Slash. On Empress I managed to film myself again going down the rocky nastiness. Nothing better than some North Shore granite.

I then jacked up my seat and headed back up Old Buck. Climbing Old Buck isn't all that bad and it is so pedalable and gets you directly up the hill with no muss or fuss. At the power lines I turned left and headed up to Team Pangor where I lower my seat, donned my protective gear and ripped down the trail. I then had a moment of deja vu, I hit the jump again and smacked my pedal....again and lost another pin. Luckily I have a tap set to ensure the pins get fixed.

After Team Pangor I hit Boogie Man which I've only ridden twice before. It's a fun trail in parts, but you really have to know the trail to get good flow on it as there are lots of blind little drops, hucks and a-frames.

I really wanted to see what my Rune could handle as far as steeps go, so for those that know Boogie Man, you know the steep rock step section beside "Piledriver". Well my line was straight down that rock section, not a single turn or deviation from the gnarliness. My bike and I made it down in one piece and cleaned it with ease. I was truly impressed by my bike and the confidence it has given me; I have a feeling the 1.5" head tube helps keep the front end straight and true on the steep sections.

I then hit Empress one more time as the last trail of the day. There was a group of onlookers at the first rock section when I rolled up and dropped in. I am no show boat by any means, but it is kinda cool just rolling up and dropping in on something with a people ooooing and aaahhhing at your riding.

My steed loaded for the trip home

Out to my truck and I was homeward this time it was only 9am; I had an early start. Such a wicked ride and loads of fun on some good old traditional North Shore trails.

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