Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wintry Ledgeview

Tonights ride was at Ledgeview in Abbotsford. I have only ridden there once before a few years ago and tonight I was hooking up for a ride with Tom from the FVMBA.

The ride/push/drive up to the top of Ledgeview is pretty easy compared to most places I have ridden. There was still snow on the ground but the trails here have seen a ton of traffic so they were compact and buff like a bobsled run.

The view from the top looking over Abbostford.

Once we pushed up to the top of Son of Berminator (S.O.B.), we started our ride down. Smooth and flowy turns sums up the feel of S.O.B. It was a fun trail without surprises or anything too difficult and a great trail to ride in the snow conditions we were having tonight.

At the bottom of S.O.B. it was a short pedal over to the top of Lost Oakleys. This trail has a different feel to it and involved short stints of climbing to get from one section of trail to another. A mid size (All Mountain) bike is ideal for this trail and my Rune between my legs let me enjoy the hits this trail had to offer.

The half shuttle that our route gave us was ideal given the snow. I had a hoot riding new trails and had a good chat with Tom.

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