Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snow Bros

Early this Sunday morning Rob and I hit The Woodlot for what seems like our annual snow ride. Rob was down from The Loops to visit with his family and he just happened to bring his bike. It has been some time since Rob has been on his bike, so he was a little rusty and tentative due to a recent knee injury. However, for us die hards, nothing can keep us from the hills when we really want to get out for a ride.

We arrived at The Woodlot as the sun was starting to rise. The weather was slightly overcast and -1°c. The temperature was just cool enough to keep the snow frozen, kind of crusty, but soft enough for good grip when walking and riding. The higher we ascended , there were virtually no other tracks in the snow. By the time we reached the corner at the top of Giant Killer we had made the only tracks going up the hill. We laughed to ourselves, because it seems we are always the only ones that seem to venture out and take a ride in the deeper snow at The Woodlot.

At Tsuga we decided we had had enough, there was no need for a suffer fest in the snow.

Only our tracks at Tsuga

At Tsuga we paused for a photo and then headed down hill. We were blown away by the conditions. They were simply perfect. The snow was just the right depth, providing tons of grip in the corners. Good times all around.

Snow Bros

When we hit Snakes and Ladders I rode everything - including all the snow covered wood and the jumps. The conditions were perfect. Rob was wisely riding with caution given the state of his knee, but looking at the grin on his face, he was have a great time simply chillin on the trail.

After Snakes, we climbed back up to the top of Bloggy Style which has seen some nice work recently, and rode down to Shotgun.

Banshee Rune in its element

We ripped down Shotgun, hooting after all the hits. At the end of our ride we cracked a beer, 10:30am :-) , talked about life, loaded our bikes and headed home.

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