Sunday, January 06, 2008

Snowy Seymour Shuttle

This morning I decided to shuttle Mount Seymour "THE SHORE" with a group of guys known to many as The Shuttle Whores. I arrived at the predetermined meeting spot and the riders for the day just kept on arriving. In total I believe someone counted 18 people. The rides to the top were quickly organized and we were on our way up. The guys I recognized were Dave, Paul, Connor and Kenneth.

I caught a ride up with Connor who I have ridden with a few times in the past. At the parking area a few guys had to help a truck get into its parking spot.

Let the games begin.

So once everyone was geared up we headed to the trail just up the road. Several of us rode Corkscrew while others took a different route to the next junction. There was quite a bit of snow, enough to make skinnies and some ladders impossible, but most of the trail flowed quite well. The group was made up of quite experienced riders but nobody was left behind for being too slow.

Group ride.

At the power lines we regrouped and paused for a photo and then ducked into the trees to ride Pingu. The amazing thing is that past this point where the photo was taken there was no snow on the trail at all. Pingu is a great trail and the tight rocky rough corners really made the traits of my new bike shine. My Rune impresses me more and more every time I ride it.

It was then over to Pangor where near the end there is a rather unexpected launch in the middle of the trail......I hit it a touch fast but landed it well with a big sigh of relief. I then rode Slash which is a cool little trail. One of the riders cleaned the SUPER skinny line at the beginning and I just watched in awe. I've never cleaned it and the wet I just passed on it.

A few of us rode the infamous Empress. I love the steep, rocky technical let it all hang out nature of Empress. This trail really showed me how well the Rune handled steep terrain and tight turns. Once again I was not let down by my bike. I was impressed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this Sunday morning ride and it was great getting out to ride somewhere different with a great group of tight knit guys.
I have a feeling I might be doing this more often this year.

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