Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stunning Sunrise

My schedule and life lately has been extremely hectic but this morning I managed to slip out in the dark to go for a ride. When I left the house the sun had not risen yet but by the time I had picked up a coffee and bagel from Tim Horton's, the sun was beginning to peek through the clouds.

I was riding my new Banshee decked out with a new lighter wheel-set. The bike is getting more and more dialed with each ride. By the time I had pedaled a third of the way up The Woodlot, the sun was raging through the clouds and Mount Baker was making an appearance with the glow from the sun setting it alight.

This is what rides at sunrise are all about. The views.

Sunrise looking south towards Mount Baker

After stopping to take photos, I restarted my climb up the hill. 2 weeks previous when I went for a spin up here, there was a ton of snow, even low on the hill. Right now on the lower parts, there isn't even a hint of the white stuff, but I knew I would run into it at some point.

The climb was good but when the snow appeared on the trail and I had to start pushing in the snow, I decided it was time to point my bike down hill for the descent.

My ride down started at Tsuga and the snow on the trail made for a lively to rip.......pure riding bliss.

I the rode Snakes and Ladders which rocked today. The ground was damp but not wet and sloppy; the type of conditions that keep you alert. With lighter wheels on the bike the ability to pop off any undulation in the trail is amplified. Pumping the trail was child's play.

I paused at the teeter totter for a little trail maintenance and then bombed the rest of the trail, especially the new section. Judging by the number of tracks coming out of the new line I'd say it is now getting some regular traffic.

I then raised my seat and rode over to Shotgun. 2 words. Total Blast. Though I have ridden it hundreds of times and I never tire of Shotgun; such a nice finish to a ride. I then loaded my gear in my vehicle and made my way home with a dirty bike and visions of a spectacular sunrise in my mind.

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