Sunday, February 08, 2015

A Ride With My Girls

Today Norah, Danika and I drove to Thornhill to go for a ride and check out the work we had done the day before on a section of trail.

When we arrived I couldn't help but snap the photo below which shows the small, medium and large wheel sizes.

27.5", 26", 24"
Once the bikes were unloaded and I had all their pads in my pack, we climbed straight up the road to the top.  One very friendly rider passed us on the way up and we rode past half a dozen people out for walks with their dogs.

After a quick drink of water my girls donned their pads and we were on our way. Both were a little hesitant given that they'd both just moved up a size on their bikes and this was their first ride on dirt. 

I was a very proud papa watching them cautiously make their way down the damp, muddy and slippery trails.  I told them that these were the hardest conditions there are to ride in and that if they can ride well in these conditions, they will be that much better in dry conditions.  Really they just looked at me and frowned.  

Driving home they were both tired and pumped that they had just ridden on trails that they had helped fix the day before.  Hopefully they continue to enjoy both riding and trail building well into the future.  
Happy riders

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