Saturday, February 14, 2015

Forest Relics

I was ordered out of the house by my lovely daughters and told I need to go for a ride so they could decorate the house for Valentine's Day.

I obliged and headed to the Woodlot.  I figured it had been long enough since I'd ridden there that 2 days in a row would do me good.  My route was Platinum, Giant Killer, Bloggy and finally Shotgun.

There was a thick foggy mist the entire way to the top, but there wasn't any rain so it wasn't all that bad.  At the beginning of Platinum I looked around in the fog with the feeling that I was being watched.  I didn't see and animals or people but my 6th sense was saying otherwise.  I have learned to trust that feeling so as soon as I had my helmet on, I was booking it along the trail.

Marcus has been doing a lot of work at the top of Platinum and the next time I see him I will be giving him the props he deserves.  Marcus has cut a new line at the start of Platinum that completely bisects the awkward up and down moto trail.  He instead made a flowy line that makes it's way downhill to the main line of Platinum.  I railed the ground line down the trail and can't wait to do it again.  It's a long fast flowy line with huge potential if the trail is reworked to today's trail tastes.

A broken trail relic at the bottom of Platinum

I climbed up Stovetop to Giant Killer where I met Ryan and Brian.  Together we made our way down to the drop that Ryan rebuilt a few weeks backs.

I hit the drop a couple times and then we rode to the bottom and made our way to Bloggy.  Brian is a newer rider so both Ryan and I were giving him pointers on ways to ride certain sections; it was somewhat funny how we were both telling him what to do on certain sections when in reality he was doing fine on his own and was simply stoked to have cleaned a section he hadn't in the past.

Hitting the drop on Giant Killer
Hitting the drop on Giant Killer
At Shotgun we all sessioned the rock roll near the bottom and then headed home with and other great ride under our belts.

The Rock Roll on Shotgun

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