Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's great being King

I had a short amount of time to ride so Thornhill was my choice today. It has been dry lately so I figured I'd take the dog and enjoy a rip and she'd get some much needed exercise.

It appears that the city has had a trail crew go along Bear Ridge Trail because most of the puddles and muddy spots have been worked on.  It was nice to see that someone other that me had been working on making the trail run a little drier.

I crossed paths with at least a dozen people; most with dogs.  I was even passed near the bottom of the road climb by a couple guys shuttling, but I passed them at the top when they were gearing up.  I really don't think shuttling is any quicker on thus trail system.

I rode Trail Dweller which is freaking awesome with the new dirt work and then back up OSR to the bottom.

I knew I was riding at a good pace but didn't think I'd dropped 4 seconds off my previous time.

I officially nabbed the quickest time down OSR.

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