Friday, February 13, 2015

Familiar Route

I have to admit that I haven't been riding at The Woodlot as much as I used to.  I took Tilly up with me today and had to stop at my usual spot to take a photo.

The south towards Mt. Baker
As I was taking this photo another rider (Aaron) came up the road with a couple dogs that Tilly began to play with so I we joined up for a brief period; climbing up the road.  Tilly and I headed to Blood Donor and Aaron kept going to Goldmine.  

Blood Donor was in pretty good shape; there weren't any puddles or sections that were needing addressing.  It seems as though there had been some recent wood work done that re-opened a broken feature and another feature was re-worked to give it way more flow.

Giant Killer was awesome as always with Ryan continuing to work the trail top to bottom.

I then rode over to Snakes and Ladders which is riding pretty good.  I need to fix a couple jumps but it is flowing AWESOME since Ryan, Ian and I raked it from top to bottom.  

After Snakes I thought I'd make my way along the TCT to PBR to see if anything needed addressing, but I ran into Aaron who had just came down PBR.  He told me the trail was fine so we both rode out together to Shotgun.  On the way we chatted about trails, bikes and the usual things you talk about when riding.

At Shotgun I took the lead and had a good rip down Shotgun to my truck.  I bid Aaron fairwell and headed home to clean up the dog.  

It felt good getting back to The Woodlot.

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