Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Woodlot Rip with the Timster

Tim and I met at The Woodlot for a really quick rip and to work a little on the upper wood section on Karpenter.

I was on my Rune climbing up the skidder when I looked back to see Cory on his way up as well. We basically hooked up for the remainder of the climb and he departed once we were at the top.

When Timmy and I met up we chatted for a bit a bout the new section he was working on and then we got to work moving a few logs around. After a bit of work we hit the trails down and took the fastest line straight down. Karpenter, Upper and Lower Toadstool, Bloggy Style and Shotgun.

At the cars I had a few beers waiting for us.

It's far too long between our rides, but when we are able to meet up it's always good times.

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