Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bear DH Course Pre-Runs (Follow Cam)

I tested out my Follow-Cam again today on Bear Mountain. It's much rougher than Rio and has a few more jumps and trees to avoid. I figure a DH race course littered with jumps is a good test for durability and stability. From this ride I have determined the changes that need to be made for improved stability and ease of use.

I ran into Darryl and Todd K. doing some work on the trail in preparation for the race next weekend. The DH course is dialed which should make for a really good race.

I also ran into Todd E. and Dave one course where they has a laugh at my camera set-up but were rather impressed when they saw the footage. Todd E. was also nice enough to give me a shuttle ride up to the top for a second run of the course. I had such a wicked ride today and look forward to the race next weekend.

1 comment: said...

Nice video, is that a homemade follow cam set-up? I really like the way it looks, would like to know what you used. Thanks!