Sunday, June 13, 2010

Guiding Girls in Golden Ears

Today I showed some ladies around some of the trails in Golden Ears Park near Mike Lake. The plan was to pedal up the fire access road to the lookout and then descend down the Shortcut trail and Eric Dunning. However running short on time and overcast weather made it necessary to change the original plans.

Stephanie, Jennifer, Stacey and I made our up to Mike Lake and along the UBC Research forest road to ascend the first part of the ride. The pace was easy and the conversations were interesting which helps on a long climb. After a couple stops for snacks and what not, we were at a point in the ride where a decision needed to be made about the route. Long and easy or short and painful.........I chose the latter. Our route took us straight up a steep rooty trail and proved to be a little difficult at times for my companions and I helped at times by carrying a bike and a pack on my shoulders while pushing my own bike. I figured I had got us into this mess so it was my responsibility to get us out. The overcast skies had eliminated the possibility of a view of the lake so once at the top we paused for some food and water and then blasted down the fire road.

Even with a few tumbles and very tired bodies everyone seemed to have a good time. Once at the Eric Dunning trail my companions were tired but still loved the descent.

One thing I can say is that it is certainly different riding with ladies. The lack of testosterone makes for a much more laid back and enjoyable ride.

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