Thursday, June 17, 2010

Arduum practice

I am racing Arduum this coming weekend so I figured it would be wise to get some time on the trail to get sections dialed and scope out my lines. The weather today was wet with light rain which is also forecasted for the weekend so today was the ideal time to get in my sessioning practice.

I pushed up the trail at a nice pace so as to see any changes that were made to the course since I last rode it. There were a few but nothing too drastic. The lower half of the course below the rock drop is super buff and lined with ripping berms and gold dirt. Above the rock drop the course is much more rooty and has snotty dark organic dirt. Overall the course is dialed and should make for a very entertaining ride not only as a participant, but also as a spectator.

The upper section will likely determine who has the fastest times come race day. It's the nastiest section and is super slick in the wet. The lower section will still be slippy, but it should still be business as usual due to the gold soil and rocks you ride on. Near the bottom of the course I dialed in my line for the huge hip and the final tree gap. I think all I need to do is put a new tire on my rear wheel for a little added grip.

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