Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shake Down Run

So today I popped into my local bike shop and my shock happened to be sitting there freshly rebuilt from the factory. I was pretty happy as I was not expecting it back for at least another day. I made my way home, had dinner and told the wife and kids that Daddy needs to ride. I gave myself 2 hours.......shoulda been longer.

When I arrived at The Woodlot, I had a flat. Not fun. I had cut the side of my tire and air and sealant from my tubeless set-up was puking out the side. Not a huge rip, but too big for sealant to hold. So I threw in a tube and headed up for a ride.

I had planned on going a lot higher, but because of the tire delay, I decided to hit Snakes and Ladders, Bloggy Style and then Shotgun. I had set my shock at home, but in my rush to get out of the house, I forgot my shock pump so tuning the shock was not really an option tonight. My ride from the beginning sucked with the flat and from then on, it didn't really get any better. I was all over the place and lacked flow. Any ride is better than no ride at all, but this one really lacked the fun I normally have.

Over to Bloggy Style it was to get my groove on. It was okay for the most part, but again I lacked flow and had trouble getting my shock tuned well. Shotgun was okay, but it was sad to see a lot of the dirt work done on the trail day all mushy from the rain. In time some sections will get better as they harden up and dry out.

Down at the car I breathed a sigh of relief as I felt like I was just surviving this ride, rather than tearing up the trails. One good thing though was my newly DW tuned chain guide worked flawlessly.

Chain guide equipped.

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