Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ollie Shake Down

Today I decided to give my big bike a ride and dusted off the cob webs it had collected to take her for a rip.

Recently I'd had the rear shock worked on and today was the first ride on it since it had been serviced. I had also just torn down the whole suspension, inspected and lubed all the pivots and basically rebuilt the bike. It felt better than ever.

The shakedown run I do on all my bikes is Cabin Trail (Goldmine) as it is fast, rough in spots and generally a good yardstick to use as a indicator of the condition of a bike. This bike is in great shape and is feeling really fast.

I stopped a couple times to dial in the rebound and compression setting on the shock but overall the bike was flawless.

No snow at The Woodlot anymore.

At the power lines I paused to take in the fabulous views offered today.

Mount Baker in all it's glory.

I then hit Snakes and ladders at warp 2 and then made my way over to Bloggy Style and finally Shotgun. The bike felt good and should be able to handle the riding I have planned for it this summer.......but you never know, I may see if I can get my hands one something a little newer this summer....something Legendary!!

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