Saturday, May 10, 2008

3 Laps

I arrived reasonably early. I had only a few hours for a quick ride, but I managed to get in a really good ride. The weather today was really nice. Not hot, not cold, just overcast and moist in the air.

I was on my Rune with a single ring on the front with a chain guide. I did however tough out most of the climbs today in this ring to get a really good workout.

Lap numero un.
  • Upper Toadstool, Lower Toadstool, Bloggy Style. I had a nice smooth ride on these trails and had a mellow groove going that put a smile on my face. Lots of nice flowing turns, roots and dirt to rail.
Upper Toad Stool

Lower Toad Stool

Bloggy Style

Lap numero deux.
  • Krazy Karpenter, Blood Donor, Giant Killer, Hoots. I was good and warm by now and everything flowed. Karpenter was fun, especially the first log that is getting greener and gnarlier by the day.
  • Blood Donor was sweet. I hit a few drops and gaps and flowed the trail with a grin from ear to ear. At Giant Killer I paused to put on my helmet cam and filmed this gem once again. Lots of fun as always. And finally Hoots. This short but sweet trail had seen some work on the trail day and was in terrific shape. Only one ladder is in need of fixing on this classic.

Giant Killer


Lap numero trois.
  • Snakes and Ladders and Shotgun. I was on fire today. A few trails under my belt and the bike was working really well. Snakes and Ladders was in tip top shape. Tim had even been up there to finish the roughed in connector to the new line at the end of Snakes. The trail has really taken shape well.
  • Finally I rode Shotgun which was riding really well. At the car I packed up and drove home. I was done all this by 10:30am.

The Rune was riding perfectly with a properly tuned shock, chain guide and new tires run tubeless. Such a good ride today.

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