Saturday, February 23, 2008

Splendid Footage

The sun was out and I had all morning to ride.

7am I left the house to hit The Woodlot. The weather was fabulous today and I had a feeling that a lot of snow had melted since last week so I was really anticipating my ride today.

The climb was completely clear of snow and the trails were in great condition all the way up. I decided today that I would give a try at filming myself riding. So I set up the camera, ran up the trail, rode down and repeated until the trail was done. The video below is the result of my efforts today.

Snakes and Ladders on my Banshee Rune.....self filmed

I had fun filming and editing the footage and look forward to giving this a go on some more trails in the future.

I did a little building today as well. I added even more rock to what I did last week.

After riding Snakes and Ladders I rode Shotgun, packed up at my truck and drove home.

The riding conditions were absolutely spectacular today and I had a wicked ride plus a great workout running up the trail and down the trail setting up the camera to capture myself on film.

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