Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Tonight I hooked up with Mike from Abbotsford for a night ride at Ledgeview.

Mike has an extensive knowledge of the Ledgeview trails. Having him to guide me in the dark made the ride a seem like a breeze. The climb up to the top is deceiving. It is mellow at first but gets rather steep at spots. My up hill effort was rewarded with a fun smooth flowing rip down.

We climbed to the tower, and rode down Little Butt, Flintstones, Boulderdash and Autobahn.

Little Butt is smooth, flowy and rooty at spots, but over all a very mellow trail. Flintstones was rather cool with HUGE pieces of granite all over the place. Riding the trail for the first time ever in the dark is BIG eye-opener. Near the beginning of the trail all you see off your right shoulder is a VERY steep embankment and pitch black darkness. I'd really hate to go over the edge on that trail.

Then we hit Boulderdash, at a junction in the trail that was very clearly marked with some great signs. Boulderdash is just that, dashing between truck sized boulders of granite. Autobahn has a old VW bug wedged up in a tree, how it got there....nobody really knows. Also on Autobahn there was an undercut berm that was such a cool feature I had to go back and ride it again and capture it on film.

The clip is nothing special, but it shows the overhang and natural berm created by mother nature.
The rest of the ride was a mellow traverse across the hill to our vehicles.

I must say Ledgeview is a fun place to ride. The trails I have ridden have a very different flavor than what I am used to, but I really like the change of venues every now and then.

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