Saturday, February 26, 2005

Seymour Climb

Today was a first for me. A solo ride up Seymour. I had recently just replaced my cranks on the hard tail so I thought what would be better to test them than a ride up Seymour then a rip down the hill.

I arrived at the Old Buck parking lot at about 7:45am and I was the first one to hit the hill. Onward I went up the hill. Not all that many cars passed me while riding up and by the time I reached the top of Corkscrew there wasn't a rider in sight. I had the hill to myself.

I geared up and headed down Corkscrew to the skinnies. I cleaned pretty much all the skinny section but decided to hop off at the end. I continued down Corkscrew to the new connector trail that goes from Corkscrew to Pingu. It has yet to be named and I only walked part of this trail to see what all the talk was about and from what I saw it will be a really fun trail.

I then made my way to Pingu and then Pangor. These trails rock! So then over it was to Empress. I passed a couple guys that were walking down the first rock face and as I rode by I could hear them murmur something under their breath but I could not quite make out what they were saying. (It's satisfying cleaning a section when there are witnesses). So on to the Empress berms and out to my car. A little over 2 hours and my ride was done.

I must say it was nice riding up Seymour for once rather than shuttling. I really hope to do this a few more times this year.