Saturday, February 05, 2005

Tour Guide

Today I decided that I would ride at the Woodlot but rather than park in the regular spot, I parked at the main road access to the Woodlot just off of Dewdney Trunk Road. I was on the Bullit but the pedal to the trails was just as easy as the push. As I was passing Quick Hit on the way up I met up with 3 kids aged 14-16 that had only ever ridden here once. I agreed to guide them to Gold, Blood Donor, Giant Killer and Hoots. Once at the top we all geared up a rode down the trails. There was one guy that was MUCH better than the other two, so there were times where we were waiting for the other two.

Blood Donor rocked today. Giant Killer was good as well as Hoots. I finished my ride with the quick blast down the road to my car.