Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Riding with the Devil

So today was a night ride at SFU. The rider list was Tim, Graham a new guy Pete and me.

The reason I titled this entry 'Riding with the Devil' is that Pete has this really cool setup on his helment that consisted of some devil horns that light up when he turns on his lights. It looked really cool.

I was on the Hardtail and due to some issues with my pedal inserts, I rode with clipless pedals. The ride up sucked for me for some reason. I just did not have legs that wanted to spin. However at the top I was ready to rock the descent.

We rode Mels and Nicole's. I must say riding Nicoles Pole clipped in was a little scary in the dark, but I cleaned it.

At the bottom Tim and I got shuttled back to the top for a 2nd run down by Pete. Tim and I rode Mels and a trail that I had not ridden in over 10 years. Snake. I remember it from back in the days of rigid forks and cantilever brakes. With 5" forks and 8" disk brakes the ride down was allot easier that what I remember it was like back in the day.

Overall it was a great ride.