Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Double Shuttle

Night riding at Seymour. It really doesn't get much better than this. does when you shuttle the hill twice.

The riders tonight were Tim, Graham, Marco and me. The route: 1) Corkscrew, Pingu, Boogieman and Empress. 2) Corkscrew, Pingu, Pangor, Slash, Empress.

The weather conditions: WET, really WET and slippy.

The ride was wicked. All I can say is wicked. One really funny thing that happened on the ride was that Tim forgot his cell phone on the roof of his car on the first shuttle and we were sure we had lost it. On the way up the hill on the second shuttle we could see it on the side of the road glowing on one of the hairpin corners. It turns out that his phone stays illuminated when it is flipped open, so lucky for him we recovered it on the way up.

Overall a long and really good ride.