Sunday, January 25, 2015

Trail Sabotage on Thornhill

I did a few laps on Thornhill today.  What someone had done on Bear Ridge Trail really infuriated me, but I didn't let it wreck my ride.

Someone went through some great effort to put logs and branches across the trail in 5 different spots. It's the fact that people can easily get hurt due to the thoughtless actions of this saboteur that upsets me.  Kids, hikers, horseback riders, dog walkers, bikers can all be injured by this persons actions.  I have removed all the obstacles, taken pictures, called the police, called the city and called the local newspaper.  I hope this stops without anyone getting hurt.

The only trail that I found debris on was Bear Ridge Trail.  I continued my ride on a few other trails where I enjoyed the view and gave my dog a good run.
Golden Ears (with no snow)
A tranquil fern lined forest 

One happy dog at the end of our ride.

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