Friday, January 02, 2015

I'm back

It's been a couple years since I regularly updated my riding journal, but it's a new year and I've decided to fire this thing back up.

My first ride of 2015 took me to Bear Mtn to ride with Paul, Andrew and Nat.  The ride started with a pedaled up Big Trouble in Little Chaining and then up to Lorax.  Lorax in the snow is a lot of fun but the rock face in the clear cut was a bit of an eye opener being covered in a layer of slushy ice and snow.

We then climbed back to Luge and Sorcerers Apprentice but on the way Nat encountered a flat caused by a piece of wire going through his tire.

The boys fixing a flat

I then ride Luge and Sorcerers Apprentice for the fist time.  Luge is a pinned straight shot of a trail that I'd prefer to do unclipped and on a bigger bike, but it was fun nonetheless.  

The sign at the top of Luge
The last trail of the ride was Jolly Rancher where we were all having a hoot until Nat had a nasty spill that flung him over his bars and on his head.  He ended up with a few cuts on his forehead that we cleaned up, but he will likely require some butterfly bandages or stitches.  Fortunately he was okay to ride out to the vehicles and go get patched up.

Overall it was a great start to my riding year.  I felt sluggish due to being a glutton over the Christmas break but anytime on the bike is a good time.

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