Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rockin on Giant Killer

My ride today took me to the Woodlot where as part of my ride I decided I was going to work on rocking the top part of Giant Killer.

Today I chose to ride my pedlally bike (Trance) and made my way up to the top. I started my ride on Karpenter and then down Blood Donor. Though the Trance is capable of taking on these trails, riding the trails at speed is a little hairy on a bike that is kind of meant for XCish riding.

Once at the top of Giant Killer, I surveyed the area to see what I wanted to get completed which extended what Ryan had started a few days earlier. I then gathered the tools and went to work laying rocks and dirt in place. In no time at all I was done the work I wanted to do for the day so I packed up the tools and snapped the photos below to see what I had completed.

The section rides a 1000 times better and should last a long time. After riding the rest of Giant Killer I hit Bloggy and then Shotgun were I hit the jump near the end of the trail a little too fast and aired way past the landing.

It was a super productive day of building and a good rip to finish it off.

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