Saturday, March 19, 2011

Death to Gordon!!

Such a wicked ride! The day started with a pedal up to Blood Donor and then a mellow rip down to Giant Kiler and a traverese over to Snakes and Ladders.

Today I finished off the apporach to the bridge that I have been repairing and began some of the clean-up of the area. All I really need to do is trim the edges of the bridge, but I ran out of gas for my chainsaw, so finishing it off just wasn't in the cards.

Steve after a couple rounds of chemo.

As I was finishing up, I was greeted by a whole pile of riders. Craig and Jeff came down with Steve Sheldon and his nasty tumor Gordon. Steve is in the middle of chemotherapy to treat a tumor he has in his chest that he has called Gordon. Words cannot begin to describe how much life he brings with him wherever he goes and to see him enjoying a ride made my day.

Another group of 9 riders showed up and in total there were 12 people mulling around at the bridge. So as not to miss an oportunity, I put them to work moving some HUGE watersoaked logs that were in the way of where I was building. Once all the logs were moved the Steve and the other riders continued on down the trail.

Riders finally crossing the fixed bridge.

All it needs is a trim.

I finished cleaning up the tools and then headed down to Shotgun and home.

Death to Gordon!!!

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