Sunday, April 03, 2011

FVMBA Sumas Super-D Toonie Race

Today I took part Fraser Valley Mountain Bikers Association Sumas Toonie Race.

The race consisted of a quick climb up a logging road, and then a descent down some sweet single-track and then another climb and another fun descent.

When I arrive I was greeted by the race organizers and volunteers that make the race happen. There were a lot of familiar faces and I talked with a bunch of people I've met over the years while involved in biking and trail building. Dave showed up and he shuttled a few of us lazy ones to the start line where we did a quick pre-run of the upper course. My knee has been feeling like crap lately so my took it easy and cruised on the pre-run.

Once all the racers were in place, the race officials released racers in packs of 15 in 5 minute intervals to keep the trail congestion at a minimum. I was in the first pack and headed out up the course. My results were somewhat what I expected…….near the back of the pack. I’m out of shape, haven’t been riding very hard and I have a badly torn meniscus, posterior cruciate ligament and anterior cruciate ligament. Needless to say I am happy I’m still able to ride but my ability to haul ass on the climbs is lacking in a BIG way.

Dave attended the race to take photos of the racers and once again he didn’t let us down. He picked a nice spot in the downhill section of the race where people are a little tired but still generally pinning it a rocky section. The photo below was taken by Dave

After the race Dave snapped a shot of me sporting the FVMBA colors.

My trusty steed all muddy after the race.

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