Sunday, August 31, 2008

Photos in the park

I went to Golden Ears today with the buddy (Oliver) who had a baby a week ago. This was not your regular ride at all. In fact I was there to have some photos taken for a community project for the 2010 Olympics. He needed someone to photograph mountain biking and I was glad to volunteer my services. I am well on my way to being Canada's next top yeah, right!

I picked the location and let him know ahead of time what views could be expected, however the weather did not really cooperate and there was very little natural sunlight but working with what he had, I'd say he did a great job. Below are some of the shots that were taken.

The photos below were taken by Oliver of In View Images.

Oliver is a pro shooter, so he had several pro SLRs and the usual attachments that go with them. He had seen some of my helmet cam videos and wondered how I shot them. I happened to bring along my set-up and he was rather impressed. He also brought a very cool camera mount that I am likely going to borrow some time soon to get some new perspectives on riding.

Overall we had a good shoot with crappy natural lighting. Hopefully in then next few weeks we can hook up again to get some shots with better light.

After shooting I went for a ride on a trail that I had not ridden in at least 12 years (Viking Creek). Back in the day I would ride this trail on a HT with rigid forks and cantilever brakes. On my Rune it was far easier but still offered the challenge of riding really tight switch backs.

Oh my!!! LUSH single track Photo by: Dean

I then rode a unmarked trail that was as lush as they come. I plan on clearing it of some large fallen trees in the near future. In fact I cleared about 10 fallen trees on it during the photo shoot (can't take the builder out of the rider/model). I cannot wait to attempt a filming experiment I have been wanting to try on this gem of a trail.

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Oliver RR said...

Thanks for the link Dean. As the photog, I should also note that this was my first attempt at shooting mtn biking and Dean was very very patient riding the same sequence over and over again. Luckily it wasn't too technical of a trail at the speeds I needed...