Saturday, August 23, 2008

New life and familiar trails

It started with a phone call at 6am call from a friend. "Uh Dean, I can't make it this morning, I think my wife is in labor [contractions 3 minutes apart], have a good ride".

With that, this mornings ride then started with a venue change from my original plan and I ended up at The Woodlot. I climbed at an easy pace today straight up Shotgun in order to clear drains along the trail. The recent rains are showing where water is collecting, but for the most part, things look good.

I decided to just ride B-Line and then head over to Snakes and Ladders to stack some rock and then get home at a decent hour.

I haven't ridden B-Line in years so I made sure to have the camera rolling to document the ride.

B-Line @ The Woodlot from Dean Wilkes on Vimeo.

B-Line is a trail that few know about or ride, but is in plain view and a blast to ride. I definitely plan on riding this gem some more in the near future.

Over to Snakes it was and for the most part it was a rip of a ride. That was until I pushed the limits of my tires and railed a corner a little too fast and blew the bead of my rear tire off the rim. Definitely a first for me.

So after fixing the bead on my tire I proceeded down the trail to stack some rock and then I had to close a log ride due to a few broken rung that will get fixed in the very near future. I rode out the remainder of the trail and then proceeded to send it all the way down Shotgun to my car.

Over all, I had and good ride and got some things accomplished that I wanted to. I haven't heard back from my friend about the birth of his first child, I just hope the mother and child are doing well.
[UPDATE 8/25/08: Baby girl was born at 3am on the 24th]

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