Sunday, August 10, 2008

Golden Ears XC Ride

I hooked up with Cory today to ride in the Golden Ears Provincial park. It is literally a stones throw from my house. Many years ago (17 to be exact) this was the place where I learned to ride a mountain bike. XC hard-tail with rigid forks, cantilever brakes, U-Brake on the BB and 1.8" tires. Back then if you made it through a ride without a flat, it was considered a good ride.

Cory single-tracking

So Cory guided me along some of the trails I was familiar with and others I have never seen before. This place is literally teaming with wicked XC trails. At the end of the day our ride was 25km; we started with overcast skies but finished in a torrential downpour. A few words that describe this ride: lush, rain forest, buff and flow.

It is rides like this that remind me that riding DH or FR isn't what it is all about. These rides remind people that there is a lot more to riding than just going fast. I was exhausted at the end of the ride, but felt invigorated to get out and ride trails like this again sometime very soon.

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