Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bear DH Crash on Film

This morning I rose out of bed at 5:15am in great anticipation of getting in a good ride in the morning and then spending the rest of my day with my wife and kids.

I arrived at Bear Mountain in good time and started the push up the course to see if there had been any changes to the course. From what I could tell, there was a little drainage work and fresh dirt on a few berms since I was last on the trail.

At the top I geared up and pressed record on my helmet camera. What happened during my run was all caught on digital film.

The somewhat mellow run of the course was going well and I had most of my line dialed. The jump near the top of the course that I had hit dozens of times in the past went horribly wrong. I had ZERO pop off the jump and it felt like my rear wheel got popped up and caused me to completely nose in on the jump. My fork absorbed the major impact and barely I rode out the landing and then got tossed off my bike a good 30 feet from the landing. I have major tire rash on the insides of my thighs but apart from that it is just my ego and confidence that are shot right now but I know it could have been a lot worse. I hate when things go wrong on something you've ridden many times before.

The rest of my ride was okay; slow and mellow, but okay. I hit most things the rest of the way down and at the bottom I decided to call it a day. My bike mojo had expired and the little voice in my head was telling me I'd had enough for one day.

I hope to get out to the course a few more times before race weekend to iron out my bugs but that jump is still looming in my mind even as I type this.

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