Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bear Mountain 2008 DH - Day 2 RACE DAY

Race day.

I volunteered again today tasked with the same duties as yesterday. Marshal the parking lot and ensure the shuttles can get in and out of the area smoothly.

After my stint of time was up telling people where to park, I slipped in one more pre-run of the course and then I waited for my start time.

The shuttles were on time and running well and I was at the top waiting for my race to start. Several faces were familiar in my class as a few of us seem to like racing this particular race each year.

My bike was dialed. I was physically ready, but in my head, I was tentative and tight. To race FAST in the discipline of DH you need to have a clear relaxed mind. I was not relaxed. My mind loomed on my wipe out a few weeks back and I was not able to attack the course the way I should. I was tentative and my time at the end of the day was not what I had hoped for. I was on the brakes far too much. Bu on a positive note, I hit every jump and hit that I intended on hitting and I had no wipe outs, but I just wasn't right in the head during my race run.

When I crossed the finish line it was like I heard a little angel singing though; my daughter and wife were at the finish waiting for me and hearing them cheer me on made me feel like the champion of the world.

The honesty of a 3 year old is just too funny....."Daddy, did you beat that man?", "Daddy, did you jump really far?", "Daddy, you smell stinky!".

Up top on the course. Photo by: Tyler Maine

Pinning it!! Photo by: Dave Mackie

Big Gap Jump. Photo by: Brad Johnson

The Finish. Photo by: Nikki

Overall ,my race weekend was great. I met a bunch of great new people and saw a bunch of people I've ridden with and seen on the trails over the years. The Fraser Valley Mountain Bike Association (FVMBA) put on a great race that was enjoyed by virtually everyone that was at the race.

Congrats to everyone that raced and well done to those that won. See you next year

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