Saturday, February 24, 2007

Snowy Farewell

So this morning was my last ride before Depot. Tim, Rob, Dave and I hit The Woodlot.

Rob picked me up bright and early in the morning and we were greeted with little bit of falling snow when we arrived.

Nobody was all that eager to go all the way to the top today.....each of us was super mellow in our own ways. I was on my hard tail because I had given Rob the shock on my Heckler to use while I was away. We made it up to Tsuga and decided this was where we would begin the descent.

Tsuga was sweet. It was wet but the trail was draining well and there were not issues of fallen trees or anything so we all just had fun.

Snakes and Ladders was a rip with the 4 of us riding in a pack. Over to Hoots and we all paused for a quick photo and then down the trail it was.

The boys in the snow: Dean, Rob, Dave, Tim

Riding the open area of the trail with snow on the trail was a total hoot....on Hoots.

Shotgun was once again a total blast and out to the cars it was. This was a really short ride but some of the guys needed to get going home a little early. It was great getting a little send off at The Woodlot from my buds.

Tim and Rob came over to my place for a few minutes and a quick beer and to get a few bike parts n tools to use in my absence.

I look forward to when we can all ride together again.

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