Saturday, February 10, 2007

Do you smell bacon?

Today was a ride with my two main riding buddies; Rob and Tim. We hit our local riding spot....again and had a great time. Our route on this really fine day was Krazy Karpenter, Upper Toadstool, Lower Toadstool, Snakes and Ladders and finally Shotgun. On the way up we noticed someone had wrote a nice message on the end of a log that had been removed across the trail.


The weather was sweet today with the sun shining and a little snow left at the top.

Sweet view

The snow is almost gone

Rob and Tim on the last part of the push

The 3 Amigos

I was riding my Ollie today; I felt like riding with a whole lotta cush under my tush. The ground was dry in the woods and the woodwork was super grippy so we were all happy with the riding conditions. Once we finished Krazy Karpenter and were on Upper Toadstool my phone started ringing in my back pack so I stopped to answer it. It was my wife telling me I needed to call someone back about some important information I was expecting. I made the call and it turned out I got the call for Depot. I gave out a big WHOO HOOO and rode the rest of my ride on a big, BIG high.

To be honest I don't even remember the rest of the ride as I my mind was consumed by what lies ahead of me. I was scheduled to leave for Depot on February 25, 2007.

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