Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Cedar Surprise

Well today was a bit of an escape ride for me. My life is really hectic right now and I am leaving town soon for a while so I figured I would get out all by myself on the hardtail and ride where ever my wheels take me.

On the way up I had a quick look on Quickhit to see that Tim had cleared a large fallen tree from across the trail.

A nice clear trail

I had been hearing of a trail up in the woods here for a while now and have never seemed to find it. Triple H. Apparently Digger built it at some time up at The Woodlot, but I have personally never seen it. So I went looking.

I have always been curious about where the heck the trail on the opposite side of the road to where you turn into Platinum goes. I have seen tracks come from there, so I decided that was where I would have a look. It was an old abandoned dirt bike trail that lead to a skidder road that definitely leads somewhere, but I did not have the time to go looking too long. The area that I went to turned out to be a plateau and there was nearly zero elevation change so I had a pretty good idea that there was no trail where I was looking. One day I will find it. I just have to ask the right people.

Once I turned around and headed back to the skidder road and then back along to Karpenter I ran into a group of guys heading to Platinum that asked if I was lost. After a brief explanation I was on my way to Karpenter. Given how wet it was, Karpenter was a ton of fun. Then Blood Donor and over to Lower Toadstool.

I then rode Snakes and Ladders and could not wait to ride what Tim, Rob and I had built recently, but was I in for a surprise. Timmy had been up to the trail during the week and extended the woodwork. Nothing but cedar sweetness.

A cedar snake

mmmm cedar

cedar extension - by Tim

The finishing touch

Running on cedar

I finished my ride on Shotgun and out to the car.

I love surprises.

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